Home-based Business Owners: Are you struggling to get stuff done?

You can be productive in your day to day activities and build a successful business – without sacrificing your personal life balance or your sanity.

Discover self-management systems that owners can master to be productive and effective in managing their business.

My clients have a decent understanding of what goes into running a business, from accounting and marketing to creating products and closing a sale.

Their challenge is how to

stay focused and in action

so they can grow their business, make more money
and have balance in their life.

Sound great, doesn’t it! I support established businesses that are being held back by their owner due productivity challenges. I don’t teach you how to run your business (unless you ask me to). I show you how to manage your day to day activities to stay focused and in action with clarity and consistency. I help you do this in four areas which I call Cornerstones:

  • Mindset
  • Environment
  • Strategy
  • Implementation.

So many people seek organization skills, but there are never enough hours in a day. A lack of focus and prioritizing make getting ahead in business very difficult. It is not time management that is actually hurting businesses. It is the inability to self-manage.

Self-management is the ability to manage personal responses to responsibilities and challenges in business. It is managing priorities, thoughts and feelings. Effective management of self and others is best facilitated by the use of simple systems that improve performance while reducing stress and saving time.

Are some of these statements true for you?

  • You just can’t seem to get into action on the tasks that are most important.
  • You go about your day without a plan doing whatever feels right in the moment.
  • You have trouble keeping your work space organized.
  • You feel concerned or discouraged about your business much of the time.
  • You struggle with technology. It takes up more of your time than it saves.

Here’s great news – you are so in the right place. Let’s keep reading!

You are likely to succeed with the Cornerstones Coaching program if:

  • You are hungry for change. You are willing to make a conscious effort over time to implement new ways of running your business.
  • You are willing to take action to build your business. You are motivated to move forward to build the business you are committed to creating.
  • You have big dreams and desires for your business. You have a passion and it shows.
  • You are upbeat, intelligent, and compassionate. (Scott likes working with positive people.)
  • You are open to using technology to be more effective in your business. You utilize (or want to learn how to use) your computer, the Internet, and social media as resources for your business.

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