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Free Strategy Call – Just For Finding a Mistake

All of our business coaching programs have a free componentFind one glaring mistake, misspelling, or unclear instruction on this website and if I use it to correct the site, I will gift you one free 20 minute strategy call to focus on making a difference in one part of your home business. I dare you to find something, but if you do, contact me. (Limitations: I reserve the right to use or not use your suggestion. Available to anyone who has not yet experienced more than 2 strategy calls with me. In other words, you get 2. That’s it.)

Tips to Get More Stuff Done

book coverIn this 7 part email mini-course, you learn to:

  1. Get to the most important action items on your to-do list
  2. Take care of those small tasks that demand your time and attention
  3. Get through large tasks that seem insurmountable
  4. Make your goals and objectives more powerful
  5. Clear your clutter and keep it that way
  6. Remember where you put those important items that you need to keep track of
  7. Stay upbeat when your business beats you up

Sign up at Seven Surprising Strategies to Get More Stuff Done.

Get Bizzy Now with Action Hours

Get-Stuff-Done-on-yourYou are invited to join us for Action Hours and commit a consistent time each week to stay focused and follow through. Twice a week for 4 hours you get together on a conference line with other business owners to get stuff done. We have a 5 minute conference call at the top of each hour and share what we intend to do for the rest of the hour. We then hang up and get bizzy. The following hour on another 5 minute call we celebrate what we have done and make a new commitment for the upcoming hour. And so on for the full 4 hours. Get more info at Action Hours.

Discover Action Seminar

Join us for this monthly conference call where you not only learn simple strategies to build and run your business productively, you also begin work on the material presented as part of the call. Find out about the next Discover Action Seminar.

Get Personalized Answers

help_buttonGet your most pressing questions answered about:

  • getting into action
  • staying focused
  • being productive
  • or building your business.

I’ll answer it on the Cornerstones Coaching Blog.  For examples of questions I’ve answered in the past, see the Ask Scott archives.

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Even more Free Stuff coming soon:

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