Success Stories

On this page are several examples of the successes clients have had once they master their cornerstones using this system. As you read through these real-life solutions, think about how they might solve your particular challenge in your home business.

business coaching clientIris Price‘s life-coaching business was on the edge of success. Before Iris and I started working together, she had trouble finding the time to market her coaching practice. She was busy doing things as part of her day to day activities and was also involved in a lot of outside projects, but never seemed to get to those items that would have significant impact on the growth of her business. Besides getting more clients, Iris had another important desire. She wanted to realize a lifelong dream of writing for a living, but Iris had to admit that she only wrote on a sporadic basis (all while coping with undiagnosed ADHD). As part of promoting her business, she could use her writing skills and build her business.

Working with me, Iris sprang into action using the simple step by step tips that I shared with her, such as the “2-minute test”. We also worked on her feelings around marketing until she came to a place where she looked forward to it. She started writing every day and continues to do so today. Of course all of this material had to go somewhere. So she created a website and a blog to share her wisdom about a priceless life. She has even been published in a magazine. This, in turn, brought her more opportunities to work with clients.

Here’s what Iris had to say: “Scott has an uncanny sense of balance between compassionate understanding and gentle urging that I needed to follow through. Scott has supported me to move past the fears, the excuses, the ‘what-if-I’m-not-good-enoughs’ to a place where I can feel my power and hold fast to my dreams.”

business coaching client Melanie Melanie is a focus group moderator for both small companies and large corporations. Even though she had heart-felt intentions, she just couldn’t seem to get herself to market. One thing she knew — consistent calls to her potential clients would build the relationships she needed to get hired for the jobs she wanted. However, week after week she would say that she wanted to get more clients, but just couldn’t get herself to make the phone calls to promote her business.

Working with me, she developed a strategic plan which included crystal-clear action-steps for making the phone calls. The plan also addressed other well-defined marketing strategies that would keep her in front of her potential clients. It didn’t take very long to see results. She gained several new clients in the first month alone!

Of our work together, Melanie said, “Scott has helped me to focus on a wide range of issues that needed my attention and resolution. As a result of my new insights plus Scott’s encouragement to become more proactive, I am now taking charge of the important decisions that will grow my business.”

Don was bored with his job designing, building, testing and marketing medical devices. He had been there for 3 years and the job had become routine. At the same time he was comfortable where he was, even though he knew he deserved more. His challenges with task management and follow through kept him from trying to find a new job. He was very comfortable sitting on the fence and yet he was uncomfortable staying where he was.

While working with me, Don became clear on the values he wanted to be living in his life. One of his major values is being an ACTor, i.e. really acting in and on his life rather than being a passive bystander. I helped him create and implement strategies that he applied at home and at work so that he could live in integrity with those values. Knowing that he sometimes forgets to follow through, one strategy he continues to utilize today is daily and weekly check-ins. Eventually, he did get a new job. Actually, the job found him. A recruiter introduced him to a great opportunity where he is making more money in a job more suited to his skills and values.

Cheryl is a caring, passionate, vivacious woman with ADHD. She has a demanding job at a medical technology firm which includes travel most weeks to clients who need immediate attention. As a result of hurricane Katrina and the death of 2 close relatives in a short period of time, she found herself in a downward spiral resulting in disappointment, hopelessness, and a negative attitude. She was put on probation at work because her lack of concentration was getting in the way of completing her job responsibilities.

I helped Cheryl recognize the gifts she brings to the world. Between calls she completed assignments to acknowledge how much she is valued, such as noticing how many people remember her as she travels (it happens to her all the time) and making a list of 50 wonderful things about herself. After 3 months working with me, she made incredible strides and has a much more positive attitude. Not only was she taken off probation at work, she received high marks on her evaluation and was even highlighted in the company’s employee newsletter. Today she continues to build her leadership in the company.

Here’s what Cheryl had to say, “Scott has assisted me in recognizing my values and strengths and re-learning life skills. Thanks to my work with Scott, life is much more enjoyable and pleasant.”

Ron is a business coach and has ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. For those who are familiar with ODD, he told me he hired me because I didn’t “piss him off that much”. (I took that as a compliment.) Ron repeatedly failed on his own to reduce his “personal tsunami” of emails. With a cluttered backlog of nearly 900 emails, he felt hopeless.

I helped Ron to design short, intermediate steps that were achievable and thus inherently self-rewarding. Keeping his inbox clear became not only possible, but even rewarding.

Mark works for a large department store and had a job as a manager in the security department. Mark was due to be promoted into a job which would significantly increase his responsibilities. Due to the challenges of his ADHD, he felt unprepared. He hired me to acquire the skills to manage the added responsibilities of the new position.

Working with me, he learned some simple-yet-significant strategies to handle the intense transition to the new position. One strategy that I helped him implement was assigning tasks to his administrative assistant. This was difficult as he rarely stopped long enough to decide what tasks were appropriate to do himself and what tasks he could delegate. Another strategy I suggested to him and remember fondly was for him to sit in his car for a full minute after he arrived home in order to make a clear transition between work and home.

Of our work together, Mark said, “Scott helped me define goals to address barriers that seemed insurmountable. Scott’s supportive and practical style consistently help me get refocused on what I can and will achieve.”

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